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Professional Development
The gold standard in program design & delivery.

Our customers tell us "there’s nothing like” a Business U learning event. That's because our highly interactive, outcomes-driven curricula have immediate on-the-job application. Business U’s program development is reinforced by research, relevant data, and delivered by facilitators who are subject matter experts to help organizations expand opportunities to improve market penetration, increase repeat customers, upskill customer service levels, and help businesses protect their competitive edge.

Business U’s approach to training is founded on developing learning experiences that have a long-term impact, well beyond the end of the actual learning event. This educational philosophy serves to underpin our instructional design, facilitation activities, and the technical assistance and coaching we provide, all of which has undergone third-party validation and a rigorous 18-month accreditation process with the International Association for Career Education & Training (IACET), Business U’s accrediting agency.

Business U’s professional development programs move beyond pedagogy to andragogy—a training approach that bridges the gap between passive knowledge and active field application for successful execution. Each program is designed to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize strategic outcomes and exceed performance goals.

Unlike other courses that offer training that tend to focus on aimlessly selling products and delivering services, Business U’s comprehensive and facilitator-led learning events provide the foundation, framework and tools to implement strategies and tactics that can be applied immediately on the job to develop and achieve measurable objectives.

To learn more about Business U's professional development programs, click on the program title below. You can also contact Business U if you would like to receive detailed information about each program at [email protected].

Certified Business Engagement Professional (CBEP)

7-week facilitator-led online program culminating in accredited CEUs and CBEP Certification.

Blended Certified Business Engagement Professional (CBEP)

Hybrid delivery model: 8-hours onsite and one 90-minute webinar and one 60-minute final consultation - both online events are live and facilitator-led. Culminating in accredited CEUs and CBEP Certification.

Business Engagement Boot Camp

8-hour onsite program culminating in accredited CEUs and the Business Engagement Certificate of Completion.

Certified Train-the-Trainer Professional (CTTP)

5-week online program - each live session is 90-minutes and facilitator-led including a 60-minute final consultation with the course facilitator culminating in accredited CEUs and the CTTP Certification.

Online Webinars

Each webinar is 75-minutes and facilitator-led culminating in accredited CEUs and a Certificate of Completion.