business engagement boot camp
Business Engagement Boot Camp
You can't “sell” your way to business engagement. It's all about building relationships.
Onsite Boot Camp

Immediately apply a market-responsive, demand-driven framework to increase your customer base and expand outreach opportunities. The Business Engagement Boot Camp is delivered in a one-day (8-hour) onsite format culminating in accredited CEUs and the Business Engagement Certificate of Completion. As an option, you can combine the Boot Camp onsite learning event with the online Certified Business Engagement Professional program to earn the CBEP accredited Certification – Click here to learn more about the blended CBEP program.

During the onsite event, participants will be actively involved with learning how to expand their portfolio of services to expand their reach and understand the benefits of working collaboratively with regional partners. Participants will also be introduced to standardize engagement processes such as a referral process with partner organizations, a needs assessment so employers’ workforce challenges are identified and validated. Click here to learn more about what Boot Camp graduates have to say about the onsite professional development learning event.

Participants will participate in a highly interactive classroom environment to learn how to prospect, overcome objectives, and collectively work on an approach talk track to conduct consultative site visits. Additionally, participants will apply a variety of pitches that go far beyond the “typical” 30-second elevator speech and develop a communication platform that stresses calls-to-action and the strategic articulation of a value proposition that benefit customers when seeking their active participation and partnership. Participants will be engaged in a multitude of role-playing activities such as how to work with a resistant customer and what do when given the opportunity to turnaround a previous “unhappy” customer during a “recovery” scenario.

Equally important, participants will gain an understanding that you cannot sell your way to business engagement, and that there are major differences that underpin transactional and transformational strategic outreach efforts. Key to this understanding is moving away from non-specific transactional activities to efforts that are specific to a customer’s relevant needs—a foundational building block to develop long-term, transformational relationships.

Because of Business U’s accreditation status with IACET, we are mandated to have rigorous processes in place for the systematic evaluation of learning events, including a comprehensive evaluation that addresses the total learning experience for each participant and verifiable data collection methods for all learning events (onsite and online). Moreover, Business U conducts internal post-program reviews of evaluation results to ensure participant comments and suggestions are logged and incorporated into a continuous improvement process for Business U’s training programs. A process is also in place for providing program evaluation results to Business U coaches and facilitators in event planning and the delivery of training sessions. Note that after the event, the host organization (leadership/event organizer) will receive a detailed recap of the survey results including participant comments – a copy of each participant survey as well as the roster will be provided.

To learn more about the onsite and award-winning Business Engagement Boot Camp including learning outcomes, program outline and cost, please contact Business U at [email protected].