certified train the trainer professional
CTTP Designation
The course has been specifically developed for those who are involved with adult training or education programs - training people one at a time; in large groups; onsite; or online.


Depending on the training needs of your organization, staff and clients, it’s key that you understand that adults learn (andragogy) differently than children (pedagogy).

Business U applies a practical approach to train adults that ensures effective implementation of your organization’s training program so that participants meet objectives and measurable outcomes. The program has been specifically developed for those who are involved with adult training or education programs and train people one at a time, in large groups, onsite, or virtually.

This program is for you if you are:

New to the concept of training adults and adult learning.

A subject matter expert assisting or developing training programs.

An onsite or virtual trainer, facilitator and/or educator.

The Certified Train-the-Trainer Professional (CTTP) accredited program will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to immediately enhance your participants’ learning experience, expand your abilities to deliver quality learning events, and if you are selling a training program to a business customer, you can now add a “return on investment” as a value proposition during your pitch.

The CTTP program requires active participant involvement and course work to earn the CTTP Certification. What follows are the program’s overarching learning outcomes:

  • check icon Know how adults learn (andragogy) and how it differs from children (pedagogy).

  • check icon Increase the awareness of what makes a learner physiologically receptive to create a positive learning environment for them.

  • check icon Gain exposure to learning styles and types.

  • check icon Learn the five primary learning theories to improve communication between the learner and the trainer.

  • check icon Understand the basics of facilitation and the qualities of an effective public speaker.

  • check icon Conduct a needs analysis to justify the development and/or implementation of a training program.

  • check icon Discover the principles of instructional design to apply the benefits of program development.

  • check icon Apply one of three instructional design models to develop an effective training program.

  • check icon Develop learning outcomes and how to assess each one to ensure the learner has met the course objectives.

  • check icon Learn how to develop a lunch and learn.

  • check icon Use multimedia in a training program.

To learn more about the Certified Train-the-Trainer Professional program, please contact Business U at [email protected] and request a comprehensive CTTP program package that includes the learning outcomes, program outline, meeting dates, and cost.


5-week online program - each live session is 90-minutes and facilitator-led including a 60-minute final consultation with the course facilitator.