Regional Models

Coordinated Operational Structures

Business U, Inc., develops regionally coordinated and collaborative operational structures across multiple organizations that have a vested interest in business engagement (i.e., education, workforce development, economic development, chambers, small business development centers and labor).

Common Challenges with Regional Collaborative Efforts

  • No business engagement framework or agreement on an ideal state among stakeholders.
  • Inconsistent participation among stakeholders creating the need to continually on-board.
  • No communication system in place to recruit a broader base of stakeholders or value propositions for stakeholder participation.
  • Stakeholder apprehension of shared technology and sharing business contacts.
  • Stakeholder concerns about losing individual brand identities.
  • No metrics in place for measuring business engagement.
  • No organizational structure to manage the ongoing tasks required to build momentum and recruit additional regional stakeholders.
  • Absence of leadership commitment to convene partners.
  • Lack of standardized business engagement tools to assess employer needs.
  • Lack of confidence to engage industry leaders to participate in sector strategies.
  • Differing funding streams and reporting structures.
  • Competing processes and technology tools to manage, monitor and measure key metrics that matter to partners and employers to solve workforce needs.

Let Business U work with your regions to develop a high performing operational structure that maximizes business engagement as a partner (in sector strategies, work-based learning, career pathways), as a customer (with government-funded services) and as a partner (to invest and leverage). A coordinated approach demonstrates to funders your region’s ability to truly work together around a common framework.

Regional Leadership Strategy Event – Business U and the National Association of Workforce Board's executive leadership team will work with your key stakeholders to identify strengths and gaps with your region’s ability to engage business and industry using our Market Responsive Assessment Tool and our Business Engagement Blueprint in a one-day event for regional leaders.

Learn more about Industry Regional Certification for Regions.

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