National Study

National Business Engagement Study

Current Business Engagement Practices under WIOA

This confidential survey is part of a national research study funded by Business U to determine the current methods that the workforce development system stakeholders and system partners (comprised of workforce development, economic development, education, and business-facing organizations) are using to meet the requirements and expectations for business engagement as articulated through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Results from the study will help identify:

  • How workforce leadership across the country configure and lead business engagement teams for employer service delivery and partnerships in sector strategies, career pathways and work-based learning.
  • How partners of the workforce system perceive business engagement and the role they play alongside workforce leadership in their respective communities.
  • Areas where business-facing staff need to acquire new skills so they can better engage business and industry to effectively serve WIOA’s dual customer, the employer and jobseeker.

Participation Benefits:
Participating organizations will receive a final report of data findings and recommendations to support:

  • Strategic planning with your business engagement team.
  • Identification of business engagement benchmarks and goals.
  • The development of business engagement strategies with regional workforce partners (economic development, education, chambers, and small business development centers)

In addition, each state that successfully engages at least 50% of its local workforce development boards, contractors and partners to participate in the study will receive a customized report specific to business engagement practices in their state.

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