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Cheryl Carrier

Cheryl Carrier
Executive Director
Ford Next Generation Learning
(Ford NGL)

Ford Next Generation Learning

Cheryl’s role at Business U is to ensure that pipeline strategies are being integrated into regional business services and that the curriculum is successful in building executive level private sector partnerships that are sustainable. Ford NGL is the signature education program of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services and Cheryl leads the team responsible for developing and managing the program, which is designed to engage employers, educators, and community leaders in the common goal of preparing today’s high school students for the careers of tomorrow. Through community engagement, Ford NGL provides a proven framework to develop high school academies that are career-themed and provide students with opportunities to engage in relevant, academically rigorous, authentic learning opportunities. Currently, there are 20 communities across the country that are using the Ford NGL framework and are supported by Ford Motor Company Fund. Cheryl works closely with business executives, government/civic leaders, and economic development and workforce development intermediaries to help align education with the skills needed by companies and the local region.


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