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Phil Blair

Phil Blair
Chief Officer
Manpower San Diego


As a member of the Business U Advisory Board, Phil’s role is to ensure that the Business U curriculum aligns with business’ expectations, especially building and maintaining relationships with C-level executives. Since 1977, Phil Blair and his professional partner Mel Katz, have built Manpower of San Diego into the largest Manpower franchise in the U.S. with annual revenues exceeding $125 million. Manpower provides quality employment opportunities for thousands of San Diegans. Their training programs range from community work ready to veterans' programs preparing them to enter the civilian workplace. Phil is an oft-quoted employment commentator, appearing in local and national business media, and is a professional speaker on employment and workforce trends and issues, as well as a career coach. He has just finished his first book Job Won! which is a complete guide to finding and managing a successful career in today’s economy.


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