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Business U’s facilitator-led online programs will attest to the power of learning with your peers from across the country. Our highly interactive courses are strategically designed to elevate your business engagement skills so that you build credibility with business and industry. You will earn accredited CEUs and a nationally recognized designation.

Each online course can also be developed and delivered using a hybrid model—4 hours onsite and 4 hours online. 

Select from these options:

Certified Business Engagement Professional™ - earn the CBEP designation
Certified Business Engagement Case Manager™ - earn the CBECM designation
Community College Employer Engagement - campus alignment for coordinated engagement
Ford NGL Community Certification - collective strategies for workforce and k-12 education
B2B Engage CRM Learning Lab - Off-the-shelf solution for business engagement operations

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Certified Business Engagement Professional™

Earn the CBEP Designation

This course is designed to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to engage business and industry successfully as a partner in sector strategies, career pathways, work-based learning, as a customer with government-funded services, and as a co-investor to support your mission. It culminates in an suite of engagement tools and an interactive capstone project—a strategic business engagement action plan (BEAP) that includes a one-on-one consultation (oral exam) with the course facilitator.

Unlike other courses that offer “certification,” Business U’s comprehensive and facilitated online course is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and developed by Business U’s subject matter experts and winner of the IACET 2017 Innovation of the Year Award in Learner Engagement and the recipient of the NAWDP 2019 Professional Development Award.

2020 Certified Business Engagement Professional™ National Cohorts
Cohort 7: February – March 17, 2020         
Cohort 8: April 28 – June 9, 2020
Cohort 9: September 15 – October 27, 2020

Please contact to reserve your seat for CBEP 2020!

“The CBEP course was one of the most challenging and rewarding courses I have ever taken. The information was totally applicable in my workforce development role and I know that my reach with employers and partners will be expanded as a result.”

Business U Graduate, Dave Madden
WorkSource Seattle-King County

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Certified Business Engagement Case Manager™

Earn the CBECM Designation

The CBECM course is specifically designed for case managers who have been tasked with employer outreach to maximize job seeker employment opportunities as well as to gather real-time employer training needs.

Participants will participate in a highly interactive online environment that includes:

  • Workshopping an approach talk track to reach out to employers.
  • Develop a variety of elevator speeches that go far beyond the “typical” 30-second elevator speech.
  • Strategically articulate the services they provide in value propositions that benefit employers.
  • Prospecting strategies to expand employer contacts and reach.
  • Role-playing activities such as how to ask probing questions to gather employer needs and how to work with a resistant employer, including what do when given the opportunity to “turnaround” a previous “unhappy” customer.

Equally important, case managers will gain an understanding that selling is not a part of business engagement if they want to build and strengthen employer relationships.

Please contact for program details and cost.

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Community College Employer Engagement

Campus Alignment for Coordinated Engagement

Business U’s national study revealed that up to 72 percent of community colleges surveyed find it difficult to engage employers. This is due in large part to the on-campus siloed employer engagement approaches carried out through a variety of departments and multiple deans, instructors and staff conducting outreach.

This course supports community colleges in creating a centralized approach to employer engagement to expand reach and build credibility while avoiding duplication of effort among various departments and staff.

To improve your reach with employers and provide expanded work-based opportunities for your students, the course fee includes:

  • One-year subscription to the B2B Engage® CRM platform
  • Eight interactive and facilitator-led online webinars to master the CRM technology to help you and your colleagues develop a centralized approach to engagement.

Please contact for more information.

“The Community College system has a number of different initiatives and state mandates that unintentionally create barriers to developing effective business engagement practices. Business U works with Community College teams to help alleviate this problem by bringing together deans, faculty, college staff and business/community outreach units to create high functioning teams that will develop best practices for business engagement, work-based learning, job placement and other partnership opportunities.”

Justin Wallace, Director Educational Partnerships
College of the Canyons

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Ford NGL Certified Community Engagement Professional

Collective Strategies for Workforce & K-12 Education

Business U and Ford Next Generation Learning (NGL) have expanded their 2018 partnership to provide professional development learning opportunities to maximize engagement of employers, educators, non-profits and civic leaders using a transformational relationship-building framework to sustain Ford NGL’s network of communities.

Ford NGL communities are invited to participate in this facilitator-led, highly interactive course that builds from session to session to grow and sustain engagement strategies. Each event is grounded in Ford NGL’s “3 Strand framework” as well as processes found in the “5 Phases.” This course focuses on engaging the larger community to attract and sustain the Network’s collaborative and collective work within their respective communities.

Please contact for more information. If your organization is interested in a national partnership with Business U, contact Dr. Christine Bosworth at

“Because the work of our communities requires a high degree of innovation and collaboration, we want to provide the most cutting-edge strategies, technical assistance and coaching options possible. Our dedicated coaches will work with Business U through a train the-trainer model to take some of our communities through a structured process that builds knowledge, skills, and abilities of community stakeholders to be successful and sustainable with their engagement efforts.”

Cheryl Carrier, Executive Director
Ford NGL

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B2B Engage CRM Learning Lab

Off-the-Shelf Solution for Business Engagement Operations

B2B Engage® is the only CRM (customer relationship management) platform designed specifically to meet the operational needs of workforce and education stakeholders to effectively conduct regional collaboration and engage employers. Our cohorts on average expand employer market penetration by 5 times their baseline thereby increasing opportunities for students and job seekers.

This is the most effective CRM course in the nation to build the capacity of your employer-facing team and increase your partner collaborations to maximize and sustain engagement with industry.

To improve your reach with employers and provide expanded opportunities for your job seekers, the course fee includes:

  • One-year subscription to the B2B Engage® CRM platform
  • Eight interactive and facilitator-led online webinars to master the CRM technology to help you and your colleagues develop a centralized approach to engagement.

Please contact for more information.

“Love the benefits that B2B Engage® provides my organization and workforce partners. We’ve expanded our reach to new employers, automated workflow processes and brought on additional workforce boards and education and economic development partners to maximize engagement and avoid duplication of efforts. Easy to use in the field, cost effective and automates our business engagement outreach and operational strategies.”

David Hollars, Executive Director
Centralina Workforce Development Board

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