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The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed to ensure that people with disabilities (e.g., visual, hearing, motor and/or cognitive) have the same opportunities as anyone else with access to services. With the onset of virtual services and mobile apps, ADA also applies to websites and other communication mediums widely used by workforce and education professionals to communicate and inform perspective and current customers.

Outside of removing the digital divide for those individuals with disabilities, what follows are additional benefits for your organization when your communication mediums are ADA-compliant:

  • Improves website search engine presence – With limited budgets, workforce organizations do not have the resources for paid digital ads to help position them in search engines (search engine optimization). A website that is ADA compliant not only makes the site accessible to people, but also makes content more accessible (and indexable) to search engines.
  • Enhances your brand – Given “universal access,” those organizations funded by WIOA need a reputation that is representative of inclusiveness; this applies to communication mediums that inform and educate the public about employment and training services.
  • Increases website usability – Following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines makes web pages easier to understand and improves user experience to help visitors find information quickly.
  • Creates a larger reach – Accessible e-marketing campaigns to inform job seekers and employers of employment and training solutions result in improved analytics such as click-through, view and open rates.
  • Avoids unnecessary penalties – New content added to communication mediums past January 18, 2018, will need to be accessible and follow ADA guidelines.

Business U has partnered with its sister company, Full Capacity Marketing, to offer simple compliance solutions for websites and e-marketing campaigns using B2B Engage® that are fully integrated into one platform. The package ensures your organization’s website is ADA-compliant and has opt-in forms to capture the contact information of prospective customers; ADA e-marketing campaign templates that include analytics, and no limit to the number of contacts in the database.

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