Business U Funds GED Preparation Course

Addressing Skills Gaps for Business & Industry

In support of our education and workforce development partners, Business U has funded a web-based GED preparation course for students and job seekers who want to study for the GED test. The course is self-paced, online and available at no cost to your organization or to your clients.

About the Course

  • ✔ Free & available online in Business U’s state-of-the art eUniversity
  • ✔ All four subjects of the GED Test including the Essay component
  • ✔ Initial Assessment to focus efforts
  • ✔ Practical quizzes
  • ✔ Final subject tests (timed to simulate the actual exam)
  • ✔ Self-timed final written essay component
  • ✔ Online scientific calculator
  • ✔ Flashcard
  • ✔ Test-taking tips

Click on this link to access the registration form, you can share the link with your job seekers or students so they too can access the free GED test preparation course. 

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