Business U Cohort Feedback

Our Graduates Weigh In

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Comments from Business U Boot Camp® Graduates

“The training was great and it gave me information to improve my employer relationships.”

“What excited me most about the event was the tag team style of presentation. The facilitators are masters of the topic area.”

“Thank you for a great workshop, it was by far the best training I have attended.”

“The most effective part of the event was getting the ‘mind set’ required to excel. Very professional and engaging, great learning materials.”

“Overall very informative, great session!”

“I thought the back and forth style between the presenters was very effective and natural. Great energy and enthusiasm, obvious authentic passion for what you do.”

“Great training, excellent trainers!”

“What was effective was new ways to consider business approaches for workforce development.”

“I’m now able to go into my new role/position with clear direction and the most effective ways to interact with our employers.”

“The enthusiasm, interactions, and knowledge displayed by the presenters were the most effective parts of the event. Wonderful event.”

“I learned new insights into perfecting our approach and increasing interactions. Great presenters and the most enjoyable Boot Camp I have participated in.”

“What excited me about this event was the ability to practice exercises and get feedback. I appreciate the energy from both instructors and how well they worked with each other. Great! Great! Great!”

"I was excited to learn that there are actual ‘tools’ to use when building relationships with businesses. The facilitators are incredible, they should always present together!”

“Great presentation! Presenters were supportive, encouraging and easy to interact with.”

“Legitimate skills learned!”

“Amazing facilitators. So personal, very knowledgeable.” 

“Everything presented was applicable and resourceful!”

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“Most excited about transactional and transformational relationships and ‘getting the sit.’

“What was most effective was learning about the differences between strategies and tactics.”

“Great presentation, time well spent!”

“Learning to think ‘demand’ and not ‘supply side” with approaches.”

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