Business U Funds GED Preparation Course

Addressing Skills Gaps for Business & Industry

In support of our education and workforce development partners, Business U has funded a web-based GED preparation course for students and job seekers who want to study for the GED test. The course is self-paced, online and available at no cost to your organization or to your clients.

About the Course

  • ✔ Free & available online in Business U’s state-of-the art eUniversity
  • ✔ All four subjects of the GED Test including the Essay component
  • ✔ Initial Assessment to focus efforts
  • ✔ Practical quizzes
  • ✔ Final subject tests (timed to simulate the actual exam)
  • ✔ Self-timed final written essay component
  • ✔ Online scientific calculator
  • ✔ Flashcard
  • ✔ Test-taking tips

Download the Press Release

Contact Us to receive a registration link to review the course, or to give it to your job seekers or students so they can start studying for the GED test.

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